Brighter Notes Piano

Brighter Notes Piano Course is a Successful year round Group Piano Class for Beginners ages 6 – 12. Students can enter the class at any time, function at their own level and pace throughout this course and receive personal and private attention. Each student may be in different method books, learning different things in the same class! This course introduces music to your child with many benefits over that of a private lesson:


Each student will need to purchase a Brighter Notes Piano Course Packet ($45.00)

This packet includes individualized weekly assignment sheets, worksheets and other handouts for the students during the 9 month duration of the class. Soon this packet will be accessible with individualized weekly instructions for your child on line at (home of Brighter Notes Piano Course).

The packet includes the highly acclaimed Rainbow Note Reading Program, which consists of a set of Color Coded Flash Cards and Intervalic Reading Cards that flow along with each class instruction. Classroom games are an integral part of the multi sensory note reading program.

Also included in the packet is a Composer Collection containing a selection of professionally sketched portrait drawings of ten composers and their short biographies geared to the level of the students.

Aside from the packet, each student will be assigned music to purchase before class starts, depending on individualized age and ability. It is recommended to purchase a zipper pouch for the student to bring. This will go in their class binder they carry back and forth to keep loose items such as pencils and flash cards from getting lost.

A Quick Testimonial

"We have been so impressed with the Middleton Music Academy. We feel it is a wonderful blessing to have found it. Olivia loves going to her Brighter Notes Piano Calss each week. Thank you!"
-Mary Cota

Here's what Teachers of the Brighter Notes
Piano Course curriculum have to say:

"The Brighter Notes Piano Course is a great improvement over traditional private lessons. The children learn and have fun at the same time. They are not bored and neither are we!"
​-Dr. Rulan Christensen
"After teaching Brighter Notes Piano Course, I could never go back to exclusively teaching private lessons. The Brighter Notes lesson material covers everything!"
-Anne Haack
BS in Elementary Education & Special Education, Certified Piano Pedagogy

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