“My daughter has taken lessons from Emily at the Middleton Music Academy for several years. She is a Senior now and will graduate in the Spring. Last week she went to try out for ISU’s music program. Not only was she accepted into the program, but she was offered a scholarship right after playing for them.”
Julie Dombroskie
"Middleton Music Academy has been the BEST solution for music lessons for my kids. I finally have a one stop shop for multiple kids' piano lessons and my sons' cello lessons. Emily Hibbert has bent over backwards to accommodate our schedules and is always so open to feedback! So grateful for this music academy in my community!"
Melanie G
“We have been so impressed with the Middleton Music Academy. We feel it is a wonderful blessing to have found it. Olivia loves going to her Brighter Notes Piano Class each week. Thank you!”
Mary Cota
"As a young girl, I took the Brighter Notes Piano Class through Middleton Music Academy. The class was very interactive and kid friendly. It had the perfect balance of learning and fun for a little girl like me! Now I'm teaching those classes at the Middleton Music Academy studio. It's amazing to see how far and quickly I've grown and improved in a few years. I also take cello lessons at the studio and the teacher there is so fun to work with, but also teaches really well. I played the cello for just over 4 years before starting private lessons with him. It's surprising to see how much I still learn every week."
Kailyn Widmer